The 80 20 Vegan program from Rob Scribner on Vimeo.

What is 80/20 Vegan?

It’s basically 80 percent Vegan, and 20 percent modified to your needs.
You are allowed to use a few products that are not Vegan, with the goal to continue to reduce that percentage.
Sherry and I still eat fish and seafood in a very low portions, and use a few Non Vegan sauces and condiments.
This is to reduce the shock of such a big change, and allows us to reduce the 20 percent as we learn this new lifestyle.
We consider this to be a practical approach for older couples like us. We are tired of hard core diet programs that do not support flexibility.
This is a lifestyle change. Not an easy task. Join us as we make this program work.
Our goal is to loose weight, get better sleep, reduce headaches, avoid major health issues, and generally feel better.

The ultimate goal of 8020 Vegan is to become 100% plant based diet, but it’s a hard road to follow.
We suggest starting at 80%, and work your way to 100% plant based diet as you improve your shopping habits and cooking skills.

What’s The Goal Of 8020 Vegan?

Yes, there are many experts out there educating people about Vegan Diets and Lifestyle, and we support them 100%.
But there are so many of us that grew up in the paradigm of meat and potatoes living. Habits passed on by our parents.

We want to reach folks like this, in a fun and friendly way, without demeaning and insulting language, or belittling methods.
There are very passionate Vegans out there that truly have great intentions, but can scare outsiders away.

If you are overweight, tired, and generally feel sluggish, than trying a meatless diet may be for you, and that is not easy.
It’s nice to have a realistic partner with you along the way to make this journey fun and exciting, without shame and over passionate Vegan Lifestyle Advocates.
Note, Vegans also believe in removing animal cruelty, which is real, and some preach that as a priority, above eating right for your health.  Just by becoming a Vegan, your supporting animals and the environment by eating a plant based diet.
You should be proud, You qualify!

Us, so called outsiders, do not have many baby boomers to watch make this change to Veganism, and can be harder for us because of the way we were raised as kids.
A paradigm shift is in order, which needs to be learned and practiced, and having support helps a great deal.

Welcome to 8020 Vegan.



Definition of vegan
:  a strict vegetarian who consumes no food (such as meat, eggs, or dairy products) that comes from animals; also :  one who abstains from using animal products (such as leather)

Definition of vegetarian.
: a person who does not eat meat : someone whose diet consists wholly of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products.